Terms of conditions.
  • Questions 1-3

    Questions 1: What check engine code does this tool fix? This tool will fix the P0299 code caused by loose wastegate linkage.

    Questions 2: What is the return policy? Since we offer a renting option, the Turbo-Bend tool could be return in a 3 three days upon receiving. A rental fee for the period of 3 days will be charged.

    Questions 3: What are the shipping options? We offer a FREE shipping on all transaction. And a FREE return for the rental option.

  • Questions 4-6

    Questions 4: When will I receive my order? We usually ship same day or next day based on the time of shipping. 2-4 business day delivery based on your geographical location.

    Questions 5:

    Questions 6:

  • Questions 7-9

    Questions 7: What payment methods do you accept? We do accept most of the credit cards and PayPal.

    Questions 8: Do you offer international shipping?  We are currently operation only in the United States.

    Question 9: How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here? You can submit your questions at the email: sales@turbobend.com or go to the "Contact Us" page and contact us from there.

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